Shopify Plus: Boost your sales by creating urgency

Want your eCommerce website to perform better?

There are a hundred ways through which you can boost the sales on your eCommerce website. And one of them is “Urgency”.

In this post, we shall see how various types of urgency helps conversion on your eCommerce website and how to implement these tactics on your Shopify eCommerce website.

However, one of the most effective tools for introducing urgency into your website is the countdown timer.

Customers only like to buy from a shop that provides them with the best deal

The customers are very smart and now that there’s an intense competition on the online market, they’ve got a lot of places to go. Therefore, you can only pursue a customer with best products and offers.

As an eCommerce website owner, you will have to constantly think of the sales strategies that are beneficial to the customers as well as profitable to you. The profit can be in form of increased sales, more conversions, etc.

Every noticed that timer ticking right on the top of an eCommerce shop? Makes you curious, doesn’t it? The timer may seem like just another element on your e-shop, but those digits do have an impact on the customer’s psychology.

How can a Countdown timer impacts a user?

The countdown timer is generally displayed on the top of the website. And that is where it works the best. A countdown timer in the header alerts users for an upcoming event/sale or the end of a special offer.

Here are a few advantages of using a countdown timer into your eCommerce website.

Makes your site more exciting for the visitors

A timer on the website indicates that an event is either going to start or end. And this instantly makes the visitors curious.

What do you like more, a simple plain eCommerce website, or a website that makes things more interesting by using offers and timers? Obviously, the site with timers and ongoing offers.

The timers on an eCommerce website are generally placed to indicate the time for what the offer will last. Or they can be used to indicate the start of a special offer on your website.

Therefore, the timer in any form can help make your eCommerce website more happening and exciting. The timer can indirectly inspire your visitors to browse through the products and shop on your eCommerce website before they miss the opportunity.

A good way to get the users interested and encouraged

Not only interested, such limited period offers can indulge your ordinary visitors to take quick actions.

When a potential buyer is already interested in one of your products and discovers that there’s a good deal for a limited period, he/she will be naturally inclined to take quick action.

Good offers have a way of getting us carried away, and that’s what encourages people to act fast and make a quick buy when we don’t want to miss a good deal.

Triggers sales

That’s what timers are for, aren’t they? The timers aim to take advantage of urgency and thereby increase sales on your eCommerce website.

The main aim of an eCommerce website is to increase sales, and this can be done by the limited period offers. The urgency and low stock do trigger sales. 

Your customers may not want to lose the opportunity to buy the product at discounted price and may instantly place the order. 

Some more ways to increase conversion for your website

The psychological effect of implementing urgency on your website is that it inspires your prospective customers to make a move and buy the products instantaneously.

How can you generate urgency on your eCommerce website

Limited period offers/discounts

This is the simplest way through which you can create a sense of urgency among your users is by providing them short-term discounts. The short term offers especially inspire those people who are ready to buy your products but hesitant because of the higher price.

Such customers may take quick action when the price drops for a limited period. The best examples that fall under this category are:

Limited period discount – Example: For the Christmas weekend, every product will be sold at 35% discount

Special offers – Example: Free shipping for those who buy for more than $300.

Low stock quantity alert


Low stock quantity creates urgency for those customers who want to buy them. It is a kind of competitive urgency, where a user wants to own a product and is inspired to do so instantly because the product is in limited quantity.

However, instigating sales by generating artificial scarcity is totally unethical. The customers are smart enough and they will soon realize that the low stock alert on your eCommerce website is unreal. And this may leave a very negative impact on your reputation and cost you your loyal customers.

Therefore, low stock quantity should only be shown when the stock quantity has reached actual limitation. Shopify supports a number of apps that can automatically detect low stock quantities and start showing an alert for that particular product.

Great deals on the products

Good deals are always great to have on your site. Buyers are quick to take action once they find a fair deal that lets them buy their favorite commodity at an affordable price.

Therefore, you must provide good deals on your site, that proves to be beneficial to the users as well as profitable to you. Deciding the logical part of the kind of deals you want to offer on your site is up to you, but Shopify certainly provides brilliant options to implement these deals.

Limited period coupon codes

Coupon codes are some codes that you enter while checking out to avail the discount on your shopping. Giving out limited period coupon codes can help you inspire the customers who are ready to buy your products but a little confused.

Shopify offers you a number of apps that let you include this feature into your eCommerce website. So that your users can apply the coupon code at check out and avail the discount.

Declaring a short term sale

Sales are always a pleasant sight on an eCommerce website.

Cutting off the price a bit for a limited period may just help you boost the sales on your website. The sale can be any kind – percentage discount on the total price, combo offers for products, free shipping offers etc.

You can pre-announce your sale and advertise it on different channels so as to make your visitors aware of the ongoing sale.

Limited period free shipping offers

Shipping is one the extra cost that the users are supposed to pay when shopping online. So when your customers are provided free shipping, they will be inclined to buy quickly. So as the users are free from paying the shipping charge, they are quicker to grab the deal.

Pre-announcing the offers

Pre-announcements do make things more exciting. Why would you not want people to wait for a particular day when you promise them the best price.

You can decide how many days prior to the start date of the sale you want to announce.  You can basically pre-announce your eCommerce website’s offers using one of the below-listed mediums:

  1. By advertising on newspapers and other local media
  2. By advertising on Television and other digital media
  3. Advertising on your own website

If there’s an important event, discounted sale or any interesting offers coming on your website then you should probably try pre-announcing them. Such announcements make your customers look forward to the event and would even pass a word about it.

Same day shipping promise

Same day shipping is for ready to ship goods which are in stock and ready to be shipped. And it is beneficial for both, the store owners as well as the customers.

For you as a store owner, you won’t have to give up your extra profit for(in form of massive discounts) and you get a chance to fulfill the orders as soon as possible. This naturally accelerates the processes on your eCommerce website and more and more orders are fulfilled instantly.

And for the buyers, they get to see their products sooner. When shopping online, the customers are always looking forward to getting their products delivered as soon as possible.

Creating urgency on your Shopify website using the countdown timer right ON THE PRODUCT PAGE

The timer plus app for Shopify lets you do that.

Highly customizable – This plugin is highly customizable. It gives you all the options to make it match the Shopify template you are using. So, no more mismatching screen elements.

Display a professional timer, that intends to help you improve the sales and conversion, and the one that blends completely into the theme design.

Responsive – No need to worry about your time to spoil the beauty of your eCommerce website. The timer widget is fully responsive and promises perfect appearance on any device it is viewed on.

The progress bar – The progress bar starts and fills up so as to create a sense of urgency on your eCommerce website. The progress bar will be shown right at the top of the timer and is added to enhance the effect of the timer.

Easy to use – The app is really easy to use and customize. Manage everything with simple clicks. No need to touch code.

Get Timer plus for Shopify 

But, there’s nothing as beneficial as being legit

Urgency can be very beneficial for your eCommerce website IF USED PROPERLY. False and deceptive offers and discounts on your eCommerce website can harm the performance of your site.

Customers are very careful and wise while they shop online. Some eCommerce website owners, come up with misleading offers. Traders who try to woo customers through such false offers and deliver a poor quality of goods often end up losing their credibility among their customers.

So what will help you the best in your eCommerce website is best quality products and efficient services.

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