Ecommerce security – What are the threats and preventive measures?

ecommerce security

Ecommerce is one of the fastest growing industry.  The world has become a very small place due to this communication system callled internet. With ecommerce, the global market is at your finger tips. Along with great benefits, there are a few issues pertaining to ecommerce security. This article revolves around three main ecommerece security concerns.

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Must have Prestashop Modules for your ecommerce shop

prestashop modules

Prestashop has made it very easy to create an ecommerce store. With the easy to use features and flexibility, it makes it possible to sell variety of products online. To complement your website with more features, you can use the prestashop modules.

Most of the ecommerce platform follows modular built. The ecommerce platform comes with all the basic utilities of managing the sales but the advanced features can be added later. These features are available in the form of append-able modules. Continue reading

Selling digital products on your ecommerce website

selling digital products

Ecommerce websites are taking the customary trade and retail businesses to a next level. The buyers are now looking for convenient ways to buy the products. The ecommerce website have successfully provided them the whole market at their finger tips.

Over the last decade, the demand and market for digitized products has inflated a lot. And therefore if you are thinking of starting an online business, there is a great scope. Digital files in the form of audio, images, ebooks, documents, softwares and applications are downloaded and uploaded in a large number everyday. For selling such digital products, there are ecommerce platforms which automatizes the process and makes it easy to protect the documents online and only allow them to be downloaded when the customer pays.

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Prestashop review: How suitable it is for your ecommerce website?


There are plenty of ecommerce platforms to choose from to create your ecommerce website. And we understand how difficult it is to select the best one from them. The ecommerce website building frameworks come with different features and different level of flexibility and ease of use. The ecommerce platform you choose for your website also plays a major role in the success of failure of your business. Therefore, this decision needs to be taken very carefully. There are many things that you should consider while selecting the ecommerce platform.

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Best BigCommerce apps to enhance your ecommerce website

best bigcommerce apps

Ecommerce platforms are flexible and easy to use and are designed to aid the non-technical persons to create their online shop.

Most of the ecommerce platfoms come with the basic features included and for advanced features there’s an app store. This is a modular way to offer features. All the fundamental facilities are already included into the platform and the additional and optional features are offered as add-ons. Continue reading

7 myths of ecommerce and the truth behind them

7 myths of ecommerce

Creating, managing and maintaining an ecommerce website demands lots of efforts. Before you start selling online, you will need a proper market research and know-how about the business domain. While  you search the internet for fact-finding regarding your business area, you might come across some common misconceptions about ecommerce. These misconceptions are nothing but facts that are partially right but not complete. So here are 7 myths of ecommerce with the truth behind them.

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Best WooCommerce plugins 2017

woocommerce plugins

WooCommerce is Number 1 ecommerce plugin to create an online shopping website using WooCommerce. This is because of all the features it lets you use out of the box. WooCommerce comes with all the basic ecommerce features to create and run a simple ecommerce website. For the advanced features however, you have the abundant extensions and add-on that you can use to add features to your ecommerce website. Here is the list of the best WooCommerce plugins that you can include to enhance your online shop. Let’s see what they are about.

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Best WordPress ecommerce plugins 2017

wordpress ecommerce plugins

WordPress is one of the most popular as well as most used CMS. It is popular because it is flexible, feature rich and easy to use. Moreover, it is free and opensource. WordPress is also one of the best alternatives for creating your ecommerce website. Even though it is not particularly designed for ecommerce, it has made it’s place among the best ecommerce platforms. This is due to its adaptability and the incredible and the best WordPress ecommerce plugins that make it possible to turn your WordPress website into a fully fledged online shop.

Confused? Refer this article to find out – Is WordPress good for ecommerce? 

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Wix ecommerce – For your online shopping websites

wix ecommerce

Wix is a cloud based website building platform that lets you create any kind of website very easily. This Wix ecommerce platforms aims to let you create an ecommerce website with easy  drag and drop options. Configuring and managing your website will be as easy as a child’s play. Ultimately, it can be looked upon as one of the best ecommerce platforms for small shops and business. For creating mightier shops, however, there are better options.

Wix provides amazing design templates

Wix lets you choose from the amazing and modern ecommerce templates to create your website. There are abundant templates and it is most likely that you will find a template most suitable to the theme of your shop.

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