Sell online with Squarespace websites for ecommerce

Along with other solutions, Squarespace has a full-functional ecommerce setup that lets you create amazing online stores.

Squarespace lets you create stunning, visually impressive websites. These websites are not just gorgeous in looks, but also feature packed. Squarespace is equally good for ecommerce websites as it is for any other websites. Take a look at the unique features as well as the basic details about squarespace.

Easy to use

Squarespace, like any other ecommerce platform, is crafted for ease. The success of such platforms depends highly on how easy it is to handle them. Squarespace turns out to be one of the most intuitive and easy to use platform, with abundant flexibility. So, if you are a business person and not too much into technology, you can still create a website of your own. Further more there are guides, documentations and videos. They will help you through the setup, styling and maintaining your website.

Magnificent pre-designed templates to choose from

This is the most appreciated thing about squrespace. This platform provides you with really beautiful website templates. These templates are free as well as prized. And there are enough choices. You will likely find a template that fulfills all your requirements.


If we compare the templates provided by all the ecommerce platforms, Sqarespace wins very easily. These designs are simply –  the best. The templates are editable and adjustable. The extent to which you can make changes, depend on the template you choose.

Create an SEO friendly online shop

Squarespace knows what exactly SEO means for your website. Therefore it makes sure that the ecommerce website you create using Squarespace do not lag behind in SEO.

Easy product management

With Squarespace, you can upload and display each and every product details. It has an intuitive and easy to use add product form. With this form, you can upload each and every detail of your product. Also, product management is very easy

Importing and exporting products

You can directly import products from your Shopify, Etsy and Big Cartel. There’s an import feature that allows you to do so. However, there’s currently no export guarantee. If you ever wish to leave Squarespace and migrate to some other ecommerce platform, there’s no way to do it.

Too many options

If too many configuration and customization options do not confuse you, squarespace is the best. It lets you create elegant as well as feature rich websites by giving you all the opportunities to customize.

Sqaurespace handles hosting

Like any other website builder, Squarespace effectively handles the hosting of your website. Generally, selecting a proper and secure host is difficult. But not with Squarespace! Here, the responsibility of secure hosting is accepted by squarespace. So, you can totally concentrate on your website building, content and product innovations and planning.

Squarespace pricing – affordable and well-defined

Sqaurespace is relatively cheaper than most of the website builders. The pricing plans are well defined and straightforward. The best thing about Squarespace is that it will let you create professional and sophisticated websites at relatively lower price.

(You can save if you go for a yearly plan instead of a monthly pay)

See the pricing plans for squarespace

Squarespace support – every help you need

24X7 support team that provides support through Live chat or email messages. Besides, you can even access the forums, knowledge base, and help videos to help yourself. The support service is quick and efficient. They try to respond as soon as possible. Squarespace support works 24X7. So, even if you are working odd hours, you can expect quick response.

Squarespace help.

No PayPal support

PayPal is one of the simplest payment gateways. If you’ve had some good experiences with PayPal and want to use it with your Sqaurespace website, you will be disappointed. Because Sqaurespace doesnt give this option. It is designed to work with Stripe. This limits the scope to the countries that offer stripe support.

Most of the customers prefer paypal for their payment. So, your website will lack one of the most desirable feature of an ecommerce website.

More than just ecommerce

We’ve been talking all about ecommerce,. But FYI, sqarespace has much more to offer. Besides ecommerce, there’s so much that it can do. You can use squarespace for business, wedding , blog, portfolio, restaurant or personal websites too.


Sqaurespace really lets you create stunning websites. The designs are really amazing and features are everything you’ll ever need. It is easy to use and allows significant styling options to let you customize your website. However, the lack of PayPal and app store may seem like the greatest setback.