Must have Prestashop Modules for your ecommerce shop

Prestashop has made it very easy to create an ecommerce store. With the easy to use features and flexibility, it makes it possible to sell variety of products online. To complement your website with more features, you can use the prestashop modules.

Most of the ecommerce platform follows modular built. The ecommerce platform comes with all the basic utilities of managing the sales but the advanced features can be added later. These features are available in the form of append-able modules.

These modules generally are for the features that enhance the user experience, boosts sales and pertaining to reports, management and analytics. They can be added into your prestashop store at any time and removed as per your wish.

It’s important to note here, that your prestashop ecommerce website will run as good as without these modules. These modules can be added to the shop to enhance the features of your website. To make your prestashop store more affluent, here is the list of the ecommerce modules that you should try out to enhance your eshop and boost your sales.

All-in-one Rewards

Want to offer the provision of reward points into your website? This is the best plugin to do so. This module is designed to let your customers earn and use the reward points on your website. Easy to use, easy to manage, this module helps you boost your sales and maintain the customer relationship. It is a full-fledged system for managing reward points feature.

SEO expert module

How can a list for the must have prestashop modules be complete without a module for SEO optimization? SEO expert module comes with most of the SEO oriented features that you will need to run your ecommerce website. It’s main aim is to help you with the meta tags. It helps you boost productivity and traffic. Manage the meta tags, URLs and social media referencing through this plugin.

Customers ratings + reviews pro

Never underestimate the magic that the customers reviews and ratings can do. They are too good for generating a large amount of user generated content which is good for SEO. Customer rating and reviews enhances customer experience on your products as they are allowed to voice out their opinions of their product. The prospect customers are also affected by the reviews and ratings. Incorporate a sleek system for commenting using this plugin. Along with ratings and reviews, it also includes the features to aid the Google Rich Snippet module.

Abandoned cart pro

Abondoned cart pro sends a message to the customers when they add products to their cart but do not proceed for checkout. This module is a reminder for the customers to recall them of what they were trying to buy and did not. It surely helps you increase conversions.

Google Analytics

It’s good to keep a track of the user activities on your website. This will help you find out the traffic patterns and whether you are making progress or not. Once in a while, it is very important to find out your own flaws and work on it, rather than studying the competition. study the customer behavior and plan the modifications for your website to instigate more user actions.

Quick edit products

Quick edit products is for those who want faster result without investing much of their time. It makes editing your products very easy for you.

Sendin Blue

It’s good to stay in touch of your customers and keep them updated with the latest trend. If you wish to do this by sending the emails to your subscriber, then you should try sending blue. It is a perfect module for sending newsletter to your subscriber.

Online quotation

Let the visitors request you for the quotation of the products they wish to purchase. This can be created and managed easily using this amazing prestashop module. So provide your customers with the estimations and improve your conversions.


So these were the best Prestashop modules. They are the modules that add some utility oriented features into your website. Besides these features, there are many more modules and you can find it here. Prestashop is easy to use and so are these modules. All you need to do is install them and make some necessary configurations.

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