ecwid ecommerce to easily start selling with your website

If you’ve been researching for ecommerce platforms since sometime, you must have heard about ecwid ecommerce. This solution is a little different than the other ones. Ecwid is one typical ecommerce widget that you can use to create an ecommerce website. The very basic concept of ecwid is to create a pluggable shop that can be embeded into existing website by pasting a line of code. So, if you have a successfully running website, and wish to include the ecommerce features into it, you can create it easily with the help of this plugin.

What is ecwid?

Ecwid – is for you, if you already posses a website and want to add a shop to it. It is there to let you create a pluggable store that you can add to an existing website and start selling online.

Ecwid ecommerce is a smart option for those who already own a website and want to start selling through it.

Ecwid freemium plan(Which is free forever) has enough ecommerce features. It lets you add 10 products. However, there are a few paid plans too that you can choose according to your requirements.

Installing and using ecwid

Installing this amazing pluggable store is pretty simple. Just create a new page into your existing website and paste the html code that they provide. Isn’t that easy? If you already possess a website with good SEO ranking and considerable traffic, and you want this to be an advantage to your e-store, ecwid is the solution. So, you can add a new shop to your existing website in minutes!

Present your products gracefully

There’s definitely no need to describe the importance of product presentation when it comes to ecommerce. We’re all shoppers at one point and we know the general things like product description, images, etc affect the psychology of a shopper. Ecwid lets you present your products neatly. It will let you add enough details for the products so that the visitors get to know it better. All this things play an important role in boosting the sales of your products.

Coupons and discount codes

If you are wishing to introduce discount coupons for your products, you will have to subscribe for the basic(or any other) package. It is not available in the freemium model. However, when you have subscribed to the package you can easily create and sell promotional offers on your website.

ecwid pricing

Their plans are well defined and stated, so you can choose the one that seems the best to you. The free model comes with all the required features already. The paid plans are more SEO favourable, increased support and discount vouchers.

The free plan lets you create a mobile optimized shop but restricts the products number to 10. However, you cannot provide discount codes.

The basic paid plan called “Venture”, allows upto 100 products, Live chat support, and android and ios management apps. Then there comes the business package that lets you add upto 2500 with telephonic support and the unlimited plan with priority support, that as the name states, allows unlimited products.

Payment options

Ecwid allows you full flexibility when it comes to choose the payment gateways. It allows integration with more than 20 payment gateways like, 2Checkout, etc. However, the PayPal system comes integrated and ready to use with this ecommerce tool. So, you can start using it anytime,

Before you go for a payment gateway, you need to be aware of the charges, services and other particulars of the payment gateway you choose.

ecwid ecommerce Security


For ensuring the security of your website and the customers, the transactions are SSL secured. This makes the sales on your product easier. The customers will be assured that their details on your website are safe and secure.

Shipping and taxation

When you are selling online, there are many things to take care of. Apart from the product price, you need to set the tax rate according to the law. You also need to take care of the shipping or delivery charges to be collected for a product. Well, Ecwid makes this easy for you.

Ecwid will provides you with systematic options to set the shipping and taxation. So, you can make those terms clear to your prospect customers. It is important so that the


To evaluate and compare your sales and other transactions, the reports play a vital role. Ecwid allows you to view and even export your reports for portability. So, you can export the report, find out and study the sales patterns, etc.



ecwid is the best choice for you if you want to sell with your existing website. It is simple, flexible and easy to use. The pricing options are pretty affordable and there is enough security and payment options for your website. Therefore, you can make your choices and create a website of your wish.