BigCommerce ecommerce platform for your online store

Creating an ecommerce shop and taking your business online is a wise choice. An online store can take your business to a completely new horizon. You can expose your business to a larger audience and win more customers. Ecommerce store building softwares are the modern marvels that make website building easier. The best example of such tool is BigCommerce ecommerce tool to create stunning and full-functional ecommerce store. In this article, we will talk about BigCommerce ecommerce website building tool.

Now lets talk about BigCommerce from the very first question – “What is BigCommerce?”.

BigCommerce is today’s one of the best ecommerce platforms to create your online store. It is one of the popular store building softwares that are available in the market. BigCommerce is a premium tool that offers you large amount of utility based tools to create a dynamic online shop.

Features that make BigCommerce big!

BigCommerce is feature rich. It has survived the competition well enough and proved itself to be one of the best ecommerce platform. Bigcommerce comes with massive features that are practical and ecommerce oriented. It does everything – marketing, social media selling, inventory and tax management, product presentation, etc. It is flexible and easy to use and manageable.

Easily create your online shop with BigCommerce

BigCommerce is an ecommerce platform that provides easy tools to create your website. Everything can be managed with easy and intuitive options. BigCommerce is designed so that any person can easily create and manage his website. It empowers the merchants who do not possess any technical knowledge to create and manage their own shop.

BigCommerce is a time saver

BigCommerce lets you create elegant and feature rich websites with utmost ease. This ecommerce platform ensures that even a person with negligible technical knowledge can create and manage his online shop. With the advanced features, intuitive options, ready-to-use design and functions, you can create the shop in no time.

Check out how these creative businesses have used BigCommerce to create their website. Bigcommerce examples.

Sell on facebook through BigCommerce

You can expose your shop products to a larger area by sharing the product page to your social network. BigCommerce lets you seamlessly integrate your products display to the Facebook and sell there.

Add more features to your BigCommerce account

BigCommerce comes with all the features needed for an online store in-bundled. However, there are other optional and advanced features that you may like to add to your store. Such features are available at the BigCommerce app store. There are some free as well as paid apps available here. You can simply install them into your website to add the feature.

Check out the app store.

Choose the theme available for BigCommerce

There are a number of free and paid themes available for your BigCommerce website. You can go for the free themes for trail purpose. However, they are good enough to create a professional and feature packed ecommerce website, quickly. With these themes you don’t need to worry about designing. The designing part, that consumes most of the your time and energy will be completely eliminated with the available theme.

24X7 Support for your BigCommerce store

BigCommerce is backed by skilled Technical support experts. They will guide you through the installation and setup of your website. They will help you solve your problem with their prompt response. If you are a BigCommerce enterprise user than you are eligible for the priority support.

BigCommerce is a premium tool and you can choose from the pricing plans they offer. But before that, you can go for the free trial. You get 15 days to try out the platform and judge BigCommerce for yourself. We think 15 days period for experiencing and experimenting are fair enough. You can setup your shop, add few products and try the basic customization you’d like to do.

You can also take help from the BigCommerce University.

Hosting included in your BigCommerce ecommerce store

BigCommerce is a complete ecommerce solution. Along with other great features, it also includes the hosting facilities. So, while setting up your ecommerce website you won’t have to worry about getting a host. The website will be hosted safely. Moreover, BigCommerce provides with a great bandwidth for the best performance.

Good bandwidth for faster store access

You cannot expect the customers to wait while your storefront takes it’s time to load. Especially, when there are thousand other shops they can switch to. So, the speed of your website means a lot. BigCommerce offers a great bandwidth that makes your website load faster. This will lead to a smoother user experience which ultimately improves the overall performance and results of your store.

BigCommerce pricing

BigCommerce has some clear and straightforward pricing policies that also takes into consideration the revenue your store generates. There are four pricing plans you can choose from.

all of these pricing plans include freedom of choosing the payment gateways, dedicated SSL certificate, Facebook and Pinterest sharing, shipping quotations, blog, 24X7 support and few other features.

Standard – $29.95 per month

This plan is valid for sales upto $50k per year

This is the basic plan offered by BigCommerce that you can subscribe for. It offers complete features that you can use to create your online shop. It allows you to upload unlimited products, security for your sales and full bandwidth.

Plus – $79.95 per month

This plan you can choose for sales upto $125k per year. It covers everything that the basic “Standard plan” offers. In addition to that you can manage the customer groups and benefit from them. It will also save the abundant cart.

Pro – $199.95 per month

This plan is for the stores with the sales upto $1m. Along with the features of plus, it offers analytics and high security features.

Enterprise level – Tailored according to the requirements

This is the plan for sales more than $1m. It obviously has the best features of all and as the name suggest, it for big businesses. It includes priority support, cloud ecommerce and much more.

For more information you can reach out their pricing page.

No transaction fees

Good News, you won’t have to pay the transaction fee for each transaction that happens on your online store. This is applicable irrespective of the pricing plans you choose.

Annual sales limit

This is one of the discomforting feature of BigCommerce. The pricing of the BigCommerce subscription is dependent on the annual sales of your store. So, you can choose the pricing plan for your BigCommerce ecommerce website, but if the annual sale exceeds the sales limit of the current plan, you will be transferred to the next suitable plan.

However, the pricing plans for BigCommerce are smartly framed. You can easily choose a plan that best fits your business requirements.

Free themes are good as a starting point

There are a few themes that you can choose from. These free themes are too good as a starting point. You can hire designer to shape your website just how you want. Or, if you know designing, you can try your hand and make magic. If you have higher designing goals, you can go for the paid themes.

BigCommerce is Smart at handling product variants

BigCommerce users have found out that the platform is very efficient at handling product variants. Example : Dresses of different sizes and colors, Furniture of different measurements, etc. So, if you have products with different variations to be sold on the online shop, BigCommerce will be good enough.

SEO positive BigCommerce website

SEO is now one of the biggest challenge for any kind of website, even ecommerce. One of the main benefits of using BigCommerce as your ecommerce platform is that it is SEO friendly.

BigCommerce auto-generates optimized product page urls and sitemaps too. The robots.txt file can be easily accessed and changed. Blogs of your website play a very important role in the overall ranking of your website. So, Bigcommerce comes with a ready to use blog section that you can use to create and publish SEO marketing content. The theme available for BigCommerce are designed accordingly and have table-less design with SEO optimized code.

Apart from these features, BigCommerce is designed with SEO in mind. So, every minor and major factor affecting the search rank, is taken care of.

Secure ecommerce

BigCommerce is secure, totally secure! While running an online store, security happens to be one of the most crucial concern. After all, you have lots of data as well as transactions involved. So, the best you can do is to ensure that the ecommerce platform you use is secure.

BigCommerce is well aware of this factor and focuses to improve the security. BigCommerce takes all the measures it should to ensure the security of your ecommerce website.

Supports more than 40 payment gateways

Ecommerce websites are all about transaction and payments. When you are selling online, you need to have a convenient way of accepting payments for the sales. BigCommerce allows integration of a large range of payment gateways.


BigCommerce is an all-inclusive shopping cart software. It serves you in a plate everything that you need for a perfect ecommerce website. No matter what degree of technical expertise you posses, BigCommerce lets you create an online shop regardless of that. It is easy, flexible and feature rich.

We would love to hear from you. Feel free to share your experience and opinions regarding the BigCommerce ecommerce online shop builder.