Wix ecommerce – For your online shopping websites

wix ecommerce

Wix is a cloud based website building platform that lets you create any kind of website very easily. This Wix ecommerce platforms aims to let you create an ecommerce website with easy  drag and drop options. Configuring and managing your website will be as easy as a child’s play. Ultimately, it can be looked upon as one of the best ecommerce platforms for small shops and business. For creating mightier shops, however, there are better options.

Wix provides amazing design templates

Wix lets you choose from the amazing and modern ecommerce templates to create your website. There are abundant templates and it is most likely that you will find a template most suitable to the theme of your shop.

So, if design is very important for your ecommerce store, than Wix provides you with pleasant choices. Again, the drag and drop builder helps you to easily enter content wherever you wish. Considering the design and customization possibilities, Wix has enough flexibility.

Basic ecommerce features

Wix is a website builder that provides you the best drag and drop tool to create your website. However, you can use this amazing website builder to create full-featured ecommerce websites too. It has all the tools and features that you will require to do so.

Be assured that Wix will give you everything that an ecommerce shop requires. It is a pro at doing the basic ecommerce things. For the advanced ones, there’s an app store.


As seen in the image, Wix provides you with app related to social networking, marketing, etc. Therefore you can enhance the features of your website using these apps.

Ease of use

Wix is the easiest. Even if you have no technical knowledge, you can easily create an online shop with the tools and options available. The drag and drop builder lets you create amazing designs and insert content anywhere. And the notable factor is, that it is as easy as a child’s play. The features can be accessed and used easily.

Wix is however, the simpler solution. It is for beginners and simpler websites. So, if you want to create a complicated and full-fledged ecommerce website, you should look for some other platform instead. In my opinion, you should try Shopify, Bigcommerce or Magento.

Wix payment options

The Wix provides enough payment options. Although payment options provided by Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento are far more flexible. With Wix, you can easily accept payment with the popular payment gateways like PayPal and Authorize.net. The other few payment gateways can be included and used too.

Wix ecommerce Support


Wix is created for beginners and therefore it comes with a great support. It has an efficient support team that will help you with your ecommerce website’s setup and management. Besides, they have a strong documentation center where you can find the basic guides about what you can do and how.

Not everyone in the ecommerce business need massive websites and want to sell thousands of products. There are some online shops that sell a limited number of products and wish to keep their ecommerce website simpler. Wix is for them. It allows you all the ease to create and manage your website and has fantastic set of basic features.

Wix is great for a small ecommerce shops. You will be able to create, manage and maintain an ecommerce shop using the intuitive options. With the drag and drop Wix, everyone is a designer! Create professional looking ecommerce websites with the Wix and start selling your products online.

Wix ecommerce security

Wix provides you with SSL security for encrypting the credit card details of your users. So, you can really trust this platform for secure ecommerce transactions.


Wix stands at par when it comes to providing the basic features. It gracefully lets you do everything that an ecommerce platform should do. But if you want to create a large ecommerce website with many products and unlimited visitors than you should go for some dedicated ecommerce platform.