6 ways to increase conversion on your Shopify eCommerce website

Every eCommerce website owner wishes to have increased customers and better conversions.

Just like they do in the physical market, customers will come to your site, look at the products and go away if they don’t like the offers you provide.

eCommerce market is much more competitive than the physical markets. This is because, with just a few clicks, your visitors can find a better price or a better product. And this is how you may lose customers to your competitors.

For any kind of website, traffic is important. Implementing the SEO tactics, proper marketing and a little time on the internet can surely get you the desired traffic. But at one point, high traffic means nothing if it’s not converting properly.

And suddenly, you may realize that you have to do something about making your site more engaging. It is vital for your eCommerce website to make the visitors stay, browse through your products and make them buy your products.

But how to achieve that? If you’re running a Shopify website, it’s quite simple – The booster app.

What is the Booster App?

The Booster app is a Shopify add-on that intends to help you to boost the conversion on your eCommerce website. It is in fact, a bundle of 6 powerful apps, each of which, in its own ways, targets to improve the performance of your web pages and encourage your visitors (or the window-shoppers, you may say) to go ahead and make a purchase.

The 6 modules of the Booster App are:

  1. Top announcement bar – To highlight your persuading selling point
  2. Product page timer – Urgency on your product page
  3. Persuasion badge – Graphical badge to encourage the buyers
  4. Social proof – To show off your social testimonials
  5. Cart page badge – To help motivate buyers who’ve reached on the cart page
  6. Check out page motivator – To motivate the buyers on the check out page

Each of these modules will help your website convert better in one way or the other. Here is how they work in order to help you improve the performance of your eCommerce website.

Announce your special offers and deals

Imagine all the visitors who walk away, right from your homepage (or any other page) without actually knowing about the offer that they might just like.

A great loss, isn’t it?

Don’t let your special selling points go unnoticed If you have a good deal, a sale or an amazing offer on your site, let your visitors know it.

And to do so, you can use the announcement bar. Capture visitors’ attention with an announcement bar placed right at the top of your site. This is what most of the prominent and successful eCommerce websites do.

You can use this announcement bar to announce your new offers, and highlight your selling points, etc. It supports HTML and therefore you can format the content you want to display there.

For instance – Displaying a message like “Our best prices with ‘60%’ discount ends in 4 hours. Hurry up now.”

Can act as a call to action message holder

Got a one-liner call to action? No better way than an announcement bar to display this message.

A powerful short message with a button is your easiest way to make your visitors act fast. And this bar can be put right at the top of your site which makes it more effective.

For instance “20% off on all our latest products. ” followed by a buy now button. It lets the visitors take quick actions with the availability of links and buttons on it.

Pre-announce your offers

Announcing your best offers and special discount some days prior to the sale start date has an advantage of its own. Many of the eCommerce firms have already taken advantage of it.

For instance, want to let your customers know that you are providing “50%” discount on all your products on the black Friday and cyber Monday sale.

This will make your visitors excited about shopping on your site. What else can you ask for??

Instigate urgent action on the product page

Creating urgency on your website is said to have a deep impact on the conversions. Urgency makes your customers want to take the actions quickly, without wasting time.

Imagine the effect of the following phrases:

“Only limited stock available, buy now”

“Stocks are running out, hurry up”

“00:50 minutes till the sale lasts, buy now”

They inspire people to take quick actions. Those customers who are nearly convinced to buy the products but are hesitant to make the move can be pushed through such lines.

The ones who really want to have the product/s will quickly take the action and move to the checkout page!

Impact of Countdown timer on the product page

The product page is the page where you are going to describe all the qualities of your product that will inspire your visitors to buy it. However, if for some reason, the visitor is confused and not clicking the buy now button, it’s a waste.

Here, the countdown timer can help you. The countdown timer on the product page persuades the customers to take quick action before they miss the opportunity.

The timer also allows you to add killer messages right above the timer. CTA again! Add your Call-To-Action message right on the product page to pursue the visitors to buy quickly.

The progress bar with the Timer

Along with the ticking timer to remind the users to take quick actions, make use of the progress bar to indicate how much time is left.

The progress bar is customizable and is minimal when it loads. The progress bar is dynamic and will enhance the sense of urgency created by the countdown timer.

Blends with your template & promises to look beautiful

The timer on the product page looks great on any device it is viewed on. The progress bar, the timer, and the message you write will blend with the design of your website.

So you don’t have to worry about your product page looking awkward because of the timer and the progress bar. The elements displayed by this module will so perfectly blend with your design that product page will look prettier.

Moreover, all these elements are responsive and they will make your product page look great regardless of the device it is viewed on.
Read more about the impact of Urgency and Countdown timer in improving conversion for your site or Get this module as a separate plugin.

Images speak a thousand words

Attract attention with the graphical persuasion badge on your site. For those customers who aren’t interested to read about your offerings, you can go for the persuasion badge to graphically represent your idea.

The badge works on a simple principle. Images and Graphics express better and quicker than words. So get your visitors interested with pictures and graphics on your site.

The only aim of the persuasion badge is to graphically represent your message and grab the user’s attention. It is simple, easy to use and effective.

You can use this badge to make your website a little more interesting and happening. To convey your messages more conveniently

Social proof for your products efficiency

Want to make your visitors believe that dealing with you is completely safe and secure? Social proof lets you do that.

As the name suggests, Social proof lets you add the social proof of your business reputation. The reflection of this module is minimal so that it doesn’t bother the customers. Generally, if you try too much to display too much content to praise yourselves, that may sometimes annoy your visitors.

And therefore with minimal but effective influence on your web pages, this module intends to help you boost the sales of your website with your social proofs.

Cart page decoration

Most of your visitors will add the products they want to the cart. It’s easy to take your customers until there. But what matters most is that they check out and buy the products.

Visitors may just add products to their cart on your site so that they can easily access them. However, we, as the eCommerce business owners, look forward

So one of your major aims should be reducing the cart abandonment rate and increasing the number of uninterrupted checkouts per day.

However, there might be some customers who wouldn’t proceed from the cart page because they don’t trust your site yet. You can win the trust of your new customers by using the trust badge icons available with the Booster app. This trust badge allows you to add the badges of your payment modules and the security badges like PCI compliance, etc. on your cart page.

A cart page adorned with these badges makes your customers trust your site more.

Check out page motivator

As described earlier, most of your customers will quit it before they make the payment. And based on that principle is this module, that encourages your customers to complete their payment process.

Don’t let you customers divert from your checkout page. This module allows you to show the trust badges on the check out page with just one click.

It also lets you show a timer to encourage the visitors to quickly take action before the timer goes off. This is a planned module to incorporate the factors that can push your visitors to take the action and buy your products.

More specifically, this module helps you to motivate the buyers who’ve already reached the checkout page but hesitating to proceed further.

And they really work

Here, I told you about all the elements of the booster plugin and how they work. However, you might be confused if they really work.

Creating and maintaining an eCommerce website really takes in a lot of efforts. Especially when your site has been there for a while and now you are expecting a surge of customers. But turns out getting people to buy your products through the online channel is only as difficult as it is in the real market. You have to be persuasive to sell.

However, thanks to such apps that considers the facts and human psychology and applies it to help you boost the sales of your eCommerce website.

The Booster app has 6 ways through which it can help you not just attain the deserved traffic, but also help you increase the conversion rates.

Because most of the eCommerce websites don’t have problems with traffic. The abundance of products and targetted pages, make it easier to rank well despite the competition. But it’s hard to convert that traffic into buyers. Of course, not all of your visitors will end up buying your products, but when most of them don’t buy, it’s a serious problem.

If the traffic you get is great, but the conversion is not, it is an opportunity missed. But booster app comes with the features to make your site more engaging and encourage more conversions.


All of these features can be availed as a bundle in this one plugin called the Booster app. Moreover, you get to try the app for free for first 14 days (Just like the Shopify trial). So try and decide for yourself now.

You can apply your creativity and imagination and make use of the features to influence your visitors and increase the profitability of your eCommerce website.

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