BigCommerce Vs WooCommerce

Choosing your ecommerce platform is not just the first, but the most important decision you’ll make. The choice of your ecommerce platforms depends on many factors, while the usability and success of your ecommerce website directly(or indirectly) depends on your ecommerce website. So, there are many things that you should consider while choosing your ecommerce platform and those include the expected traffic, the type of products you want to sell, the features you want to see in your website, etc.

Here is a category-wise comparision of each and every feature. This will help you find out the platform that is best for the much-needed features of your website.


When it comes to performance, both the contenders deserve appreciation. Both are designed to perform and both are equally popular.

The only difference I see is that BigCommerce being specifically designed for creating ecommerce store, whereas WordPress is a blogging platform that is modified to include sales oriented features through WooCommerce


You can look forward at WooCommerce for support. But the things go complicated when you are using a half dozen of plugins and add-ons from different providers.

So, if you are not very confident and feel like you will need to consult the expert and need their help on certain matters, you better go with BigCommerce. Because a 24X7 live service agent is ready for your help even when you subscribe their cheapest plan. Even though WooCommerce is widely used and very efficiently supported, it does not offer support through phone call.

And oh! The call charges won’t be applied, It’s FREE!!

BigCommerce wins!!

Customizing your site

Bigcommerce comes with a set of ready to use features. It sure does deserve appreciation for all for providing everything served in a plate. But depending upon the requirements of your business, you may need different features. The features that the ecommerce platforms comes with may not suffice, you may sometimes need more customized features. In order to get the customization – difficult

WooCommerce, with WordPress is easier to handle. Because it has modular built, which means


BigCommerce being a commercial platform for creating ecommerce website has some peculiar pricing plans. However, it is cheaper than the other self-hosted ecommerce platforms.

WooCommerce is free and WordPress is free as well as open source. This implies that WooCommerce and WordPress, you will be able to start with the basic sales on your website without paying anything for  the platform as well as the features. However for advanced features, you may subscribe to their paid package.

WooCommerce wins here, it provides you with almost-everything – for FREE!!


BigCommerce is an ecommerce platform with the facility of hosting. You definitely will have to pay for their hosting plans. Whereas WooCommerce website will need you to find a proper host to install your website on.

Bottom line – If you don’t want to spend time to search for the best ecommerce hosting platform go for BigCommerce. If you are very peculiar about hosting and want to host your ecommerce shop on a third party host, WordPress and WooCommerce isn’t bad.


WordPress and WooCommerce,

However a larger number of products and visitors implies that you will need more server space and bandwidth. So, you will be compelled to choose an efficient host that offers speedy page loading, brilliant bandwidth and subscribe for some more server space.


Product Management

Compatibility issues

WordPress is an open source CMS and the plugins and add-ons are created by third parties. There’s no guarantee about their compatibility. This means that if you are using multiple add-ons from different parties, they may sometimes conflict with each other and you may have a hard time finding out which one is causing the problem.

on the other hand, BigCommerce comes with an app-store that consists of tested and approved app. Most of the apps are sure to be okay with the platform and other apps. This makes it easy to choose your favorite app and integrate it into your BigCommerce website. However, WooCommerce makes it easy to choose, but compatibility is not assured.



If you’ve been researching for BigCommerce for a while, or if you happen to know how it works, you might be aware that it is highly praised for its “out of the box features”. The features that are designed to work in a specific way, to fulfill a specific task. However WooCommerce is a simple plugin that capacitates your WordPress website with sales related features. What it does is manage inventory, orders, tax, shipping details and sales. For the other enhancements, however, there are plugins and add-ons.


The criteria on what you judge an ecommerce platform are different for everyone. some of you might want an assured support, while some would prefer ease of use, some would look at the pricing. So, here’s everything clearly classified. Check about the things that matter to you and you can decide which one fits your needs better.