Create online stores with WooCommerce ecommerce plugin

WordPress revolutionized the concept of website creation. WordPress was basically developed for blogging but it proved itself to be good for almost any kind of website. Ultimately it became accepted as one of the best plugin for e-commerce too. They started developing e-commerce themes that are designed to sell through WordPress.

Then came the WooCommerce plugin. It is a bundle of features and facilities that can turn your simple and ordinary website into a full fledged WordPress e-commerce platform. This plugin was enough to include almost every desirable feature for an e-commerce website. Along with the WooCommerce there are many other plug-ins that can help you make your website an e-commerce website. But WooCommerce has made it big in the WordPress e-commerce field. It seems like a synonym to e-commerce when comes to the community of WordPress.

The most important things that make WooCommerce the people’s favorite plugin is that it is extremely easy to use. There is enough documentation available for this plugin bur you’ll rarely need to take its help. Everything with WooCommerce can be managed and configured with an intuitive interface. And most importantly, WooCommerce is free.

Highly compatible with WordPress themes

WooCommerce is a flexible and highly compatible WordPress plugin. It is informally accepted as one of the most preferred WordPress plugin. So, mostly all the modern theme provide compatibility for it. This implies that when you decide to use WooCommerce as your ecommerce support, you can find lots of options to choose from.

Good for physical as well as downloadable goods

WooCommerce is good to sell any kind of products. You can create an online store that can sell physical goods. You can display your products and sell you physical goods. Infact, it also allows you to sell the intangible downloadable products like mp3s, images, etc. So irrespective of the product type, your ecommerce website can get a kick start with WooCommerce.

WooCommmerce can manage taxes too

when we are selling something, how can we ignore taxes. And so WooCommerce is designed to take care of taxes too. You can configure the taxing details in your WooCommerce plugin using the dashboard and you’re ready to go. The taxes will be automatically calculated on your products while billing process.

WooCommerce makes ecommerce easy and flexible

WooCommerce best ecommerce plugin

WooCommerce is one of the easiest to use WordPress plugin. It does everything automatically. Yes, you just need to configure the details like price, taxation details, shipping charges and policies, and it will do the rest.

WooCommerce is very flexible. You can reconfigure it at any given time. It would take you a long time and real hard work to program the e commerce features for your website. But WooCommerce saves your time and efforts and make the very difficult task an easier one. Even if you are new to WordPress and have no know how about WordPress or WooCommerce, you can easily use the plugin and set up your online shop, All by yourself.

Easy checkout with Ecommerce

WooCommerce best ecommerce plugin

If you wish to offer discounts on the product you sell through WooCommerce you can do that too. WooCommerce lets you choose the payment options for your choice. It also allows offline payments and cash on delivery. It also allows easy PayPal checkout.

Enhance your WooCommerce ecommerce website with the add-ons

Taking into consideration the popularity and usefulness of the WooCommerce plugin there are some addons developed to enhance its features. These add-ons are developed to work seamlessly with WooCommerce.

YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier

With this plugin you can add a product enhancement feature in your website. It will make the product image zoom when a user points the mouse on it.
Download YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist
WooCommerce does not contain any specific feature for creating and managing wishlists. This feature can be added using this add on. So when the visitors come to your website and want to save it for future reference, they can add it to their wishlist. So, at any point they can come back to your website and find the products of their interest easily.
Download YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

YITH WooCommerce Compare
With this add on, the visitors will be able to compare two products on your WooCommerce shop. This will help them to choose better and let them compare two products of their choice. This add on is extremely easy to use and help you enhance the visitors experience on your WordPress ecommerce website.
Download YITH WooCommerce Compare

YITH WooCommerce Quick View
This plugin will allow the shoppers on your website to have a quick view on the category page itself. So, when they are browsing the category page they can get brief about the product by hovering over the image. This way, they won’t have to navigate to the product detail page and get a quick glimpse of the desired product.
Download YITH WooCommerce Quick View

There are some other extensions too like WooSubscriptions to include the subscription features, WooBooking for allowing booking and other features. View all the extensions.

Quick start your WordPress ecommerce with the Pre-designed pages

WooCommerce comes with pre-designed product pages that are ready to use. There are also some widgets that can be used in the sidebars or other areas of your website. The number of products shown on each page can be easily managed. You can add and categorize your products very easily.

WooCommerce best ecommerce plugin

It comes with a beautiful product presentation page. You can present your products in the best way possible and highlight its features. WooCommerce has a systematically designed product detail page that focuses on highlighting the products.

Analysis with WooCommerce

Most of the merchant use WooCommerce because it is easy. Along with perfect ecommerce and sales features, WooCommerce also contains inbuilt analysis tool. So, you can view reports based on various criterias. So, you can find reports on total sales, average sales, order reports, etc. The visitors will be allowed to view the analysis of the transactions on the website and draw the decisions accordingly.

Help from the growing WordPress community

The main advantage of using a well accepted and famous plugin/theme is that there is a large community dedicated to it. So if you ever find it difficult to set something with WooCommerce you can search and find resourceful results available for it. There are various formal as well as informal forums associated with the WooCommerce plugin. Also you can take help from the documentation center for WooCommerce.

Just add your products

WordPress will setup everything for you. So, all you’ll need to do is start uploading your products. With WooCommerce you can add your products with utmost ease. The products you upload will then be shown on the shop pages and a detailed description of the product will appear in an organized form on the product detail page.

So WooCommerce is free and it can turn your website into a great successful e-commerce platform. WooCommerce is free, professional, feature rich, flexible and easy to use. So, get this plugin to create a full-fledged ecommerce website effortlessly.