Volusion ecommerce platform for online shopping websites

If you want to create an ecommerce website, there are lots of platforms that will let you do this without writing codes. In this article we’ll talk about Volusion. It’s features, benefits, downsides and everything.

Everything in your ecommerce website can be managed by easy and intuitive options. Volusion allows you to concentrate on your business instead of learning technical details to maintain your website.

Volusion design templates

There are enough templates for you to decide the look of your website. You can buy the template or download it for free. Volusion’s premium template’s price range from $50 to $895, which is way too high. You can get really great designs for your website, if you are willing to pay the cost.

However, the free templates are good to get started with. You can hire a designer to change the design of your template. If you are a designer yourself, free themes are great.

Volusion free trial

Like any other premium ecommerce website building software, Volusion also provides free trial. You can sign up with your email address and try out the Volusion ecommerce platform for 14 days.

volusion ecommerce

You can use the 14 days trial period to experience the platform and make your judgments. We highly recommend you to try the platform before you make any commitment. Try out Volusion for yourself to see if it has the features you want and the desired ease of use.

Performance oriented ecommerce solutions

The servers are optimized for faster performance. The hosting of your website is entirely handled by Volusion. And these guys know how important it is for you to provide the customers with the desired results in time. People do not like waiting, specially when they have plenty of other options open for them. It is vital for your ecommerce website to perform fast.

An easy to use ecommerce platform

Volusion is very easy to use. It has all these simplest methods and intuitive options that you can use to setup your store. The Volusion dashboard is well organized and easy to navigate through. The design and options are easy enough for the beginners to get started with.

No blogs!

Most of the ecommerce platforms nowadays offer the facilities of blogs. Blogs are a wonderful way to keep in touch with the customers and even for the SEO and keyword targeting. Unfortunately, Volusion doesn’t let you do this. They do not provide the blogging feature through which you can interact and inform your customers. So, you can go for Volusion, if you don’t need the blogging platform for your website.

No add ons

But still lack of an app-store is one of the draw-backs of Volusion. Platforms like Shopify, 3dCart and BigCommerce allows you to add features to your website using the add-ons. The addons are a flexible way of offering features. The basic features are added into the platform by default, while the advanced or optional features are provided as add-ons. Even though Volusion is an ever-evolving ecommerce platform and is constantly updated, the lack of add-ons matters.

 Inventory Management

volusion ecommerce

Inventory management is time consuming, boring as well as a complicated part of online website. With Volusion, inventory management becomes much easier. The small question mark you see besides the field name will tell you what actually the field means. This makes it very easier for even the newbies to start with.

Volusion Pricing – Product and bandwidth limitations

volusion ecommerce

As you can see, the pricing of Volusion ecommerce platform is subject to bandwidth and product limit. The Mini pricing package that is good enough to get started with allows you about 1 GB bandwidth and create a store with about 100 products. You can choose the monthly plan or pay annually.

We recommend to go with the monthly plan till you become sure that the platform you’ve chosen is perfect. When you are investing all your time and money for your website, you should never settle for less than perfect.

Volusion ecommerce takes care of the SEO factors

volusion ecommerce

SEO is one of the most important concern for online websites. To survive the intense competition and getting the deserved visibility. This platform comes with built in marketing tools and SEO options. So, you can create a completely SEO friendly ecommerce website with Volusion.

You will need to purchase SSL, bandwidth limitations

Even though the pricing packages of Volusion are clear, you will need to buy an SSL certificate separately. If you are going to allow payments through credit cards, you must buy the SSL certificate for which you will be charged separately.

Sell through Facebook, Ebay and Amazon

Volusion lets you sell your stuffs through these well-established platforms and thereby target more audience. With simple steps you can display your Volusion ecommerce products on facebook, ebay and amazon to increase the scope of your eshop.

24X7 Volusion support

There is a technical support team at Volusion that can help you with the installation, setting up and maintenance of your ecommerce website. Volusion support is a group of real people who will assist you with your problems. Apart from the support team, you can also take the help of their knowledge base and documentation to learn yourself.


Volusion is a great ecommerce platform from the point of view of the great features and ease of use. You can count on the support team to solve your problem. You can also refer the knowledge-base to find answers to your queries. However the pricing plans with the bandwidth and product limitations may make you a little uncomfortable. Besides pricing, you will have to buy an SSL for security of your website. Specially the fact that premium theme may cost about $895 (which is unbelievably high!). Also the lack of blog and add-ons may limit the usability of your website.