Shopify Vs Magento : Features Compared

Whether you are a programmer or a shopkeeper with no technical know-how, you can start selling online with these Ecommerce platforms.Such platforms are an efficient alternative to the traditional website creation process. Now you won’t need to the designer as well as a programmer to get your website created.  With the increased inclination of the common consumers towards the online shopping websites, more and more shop owners are ready to take the next big step in this direction.

This is the perfect time to create your eCommerce website and broaden the scope of your sales. But once you decide to create your eCommerce website, choosing the perfect eCommerce website is one of the most vital as well as difficult decisions.

eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc provide you with the platform to build your eCommerce website easily. Different platforms come with different features and functions. It becomes very difficult to choose the best one from among them.

Here, we’ll compare Magento Vs Shopify based on following criterion:

  1. Shopify Vs Magento – Which one has the better performance?
  2. Price comparison – Shopify Vs Magento
  3. How much flexibility Do Shopify and Magento provide you
  4. Support policy of Shopify and Magento
  5. Shopify Vs Magento – Which one is easier to use?
  6.  What do you choose for a secure eCommerce website – Shopify or Magento

Shopify Vs Magento: Self-hosted Vs Hosted

Hosting is one of the major factors that you should pay attention to while you create a website. Nowadays, we get hosting services that are specially optimized for your eCommerce website.

The performance of your eCommerce website directly impacts the profitability of your online shop. And the type of host has a direct impact on how well your eCommerce website performs. 

On the other hand, the performance of your Magneto website depends very much on the hosting service you choose. When you go for the eCommerce platforms that need you to choose the host, you must choose wisely. 

Whereas, Shopify lets you use their infrastructure to create your website. Moreover, it is self-hosted. Their platform is especially optimized for the smooth and efficient running of your website. So with Shopify, your website promises to perform with maximum uptime and impressive page load times.

Who has the better pricing options?

Magento is free and open source software for creating your eCommerce website. All you need to invest on is the hosting.  You can choose the hosting service of your choice to install Magento and create your online selling website.

However, Shopify is self-hosted.  You don’t have to look for a hosting company to create your website. It lets you use their framework to construct your online shop on.

Shopify’s pricing plans are quite simple. The following image shows the basic pricing of a Shopify website.

Basic Shopify – at $29 per month

Another with some additional features like reports, cart recovery  – at $79 per month

And Advanced Shopify – at $299 per month.

The main advantage of using Shopify is that if you subscribe to an optimized and secure hosting service for your Magento eCommerce website, it will nearly cost you the same.

Also, considering the ease of use, and the enormous amount of support provided by Shopify experts, you probably won’t need to hire programmers to get your website created. And that will probably help you save more.

View the complete pricing plan for Shopify

Which platform is more customizable? Shopify or Magento

Both of these eCommerce platforms come with the customization capabilities to change the look and feel of your website. You can create a website with your idea using Shopify as well as Magneto. Both of the platforms let you change the look of your website by allowing you to edit the raw HTML/CSS code.

However, Magneto comes with easy options to manage your website. You can obviously change how your website looks. But sometimes, it may require you to know the basic HTML/CSS. If you don’t already know it, you can refer a few online tutorial and try tweaking the codes to make changes in the appearance of your website. But Shopify, however, lets you do this with ease.

Who provides better technical support?

A professional and expert advice from your eCommerce platform may sometimes prove to be very helpful when creating an eCommerce website.

With Shopify, you get 24×7 support through live chat, telephone or email. You can choose the type of support you need.  If your query is urgent, you can directly call them and the support attendant will help you out of the confusion. Or you can send them an email and ask your question. And obviously, they even support through live chat. 

Finally, you can also search their discussion forums which are a kind of knowledge base that helps you to find out the ideal solution to your problem.Either way, the team at Shopify strives to provide you with their best service by helping you setup your store.

Whereas, with Magento also provides support except for the 24×7 telephonic support. This kind of support may sometimes prove to be very helpful and that is what you get from Shopify.

Shopify Vs Magento – Which one is easier to use?

Being eCommerce platforms developed for quicker and easier eCommerce website building  – Both Shopify and Magento are easy to use. But they are technologies and they do require a little bit of learning to use them to manage your website.

However, Shopify comes with easier options. With Magento, you might need some basic HTML/CSS knowledge to implement some of the changes but Shopify comes with all the intuitive options to do so.

Again, Shopify is an eCommerce platform that just lets you sign up and start creating your shop. While for Magento, you will require to look for hosting, install, setup and then create your site.

Therefore, Shopify clearly is a better option if ease of use is what you’re looking for.

Who Ensures The Security of your website better?

Both. Yes, both of the eCommerce platforms are determined to keep your eCommerce safe and secure. Because the security of your website is one of your main concern when it comes to eCommerce. An eCommerce website has lots of transactions involved. People are going to trust you with their cards only when they’re secure on your website. So

Shopify lets you create PCI compliant website to ensure that your eCommerce transactions are totally secure.

Even though Magento lets you create a PCI compliant website, you have to work for it. While Shopify makes it easier. The main difference here is – Shopify lets you focus on your eCommerce website maintenance while Magento needs you to pay attention and arrange for the security requirements of your website.


Considering the basic difference of features, Shopify proves to be the best option to create your commerce website. If you are prepared to subscribe and get your website created, it is indeed the best.

Magento, on the other hand, is a very efficient and professional, free and open source solution if you are prepared to pay for the professional help, security and find the best hosting service.

Shopify being the easier way reduces your efforts to a higher extent, and the excellent support at Shopify ensure that your eCommerce website is created easily and quickly.