Shopify Vs BigCommerce : Find the best ecommerce platform for your eshop

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Shopify and BigCommerce are both flexible, feature rich and easy to use ecommerce platfforms. They can be used to create small or even enterprise level ecommerce websites. Both the platforms are efficient and it’s impossible to declare the best from among them. Because which platform works best for you, depends on your requirements. So read on to find out which one satisfies most of your requirements and go for the best one.

Ease of use

There’s no competition here. Both the platforms are simple and easy to use. They impressively do what ecommerce platfoms should do. Make it very easy to create an manage ecommerce shops. They don’t need the users to have any technical knowledge or skill set to use these platforms.

So, be assured! Whether you go for Shopify or Big Commerce, both are easy to use and maintain. However, if you should need any help in setup or configuration, you can get professional help from their efficient support team. And to get familiar to their backend options, you can try theirplatforms for free before actually subscribing.

Theme designs

Let’s admit – We do judge the book by it’s cover. Especially when it comes to a website. Content is the king and there’s no denying it. But designs matters. For instance – There are two websites, one with a great design, HQ graphics and eye-pleasing and other one with simple black and white screen, and a poor design. Which one will you go with. Obviously you’ll choose the one with great design.

Shopify comes with beautiful paid and free themes.  The price of the paid themes start from about $100 to $180. The themes are beautifully created and there are lots of free theme that you can go for if you are not ready to spend on your designs. These themes are designed by professionals. They are abundant, flexible, and eye-pleasing.


Bigcommerce too comes with a theme store with an beautiful templates. The price ranges from about $145 to $230. These theme too are flexible and modern. So, you can create distinguished and unique eshops using these themes.

However, the themes of shopify are somehow more elegant and frequently updated. So, here shopify scores a little (Just a little bit!) higher than Bigcommerce.

Who provides better features?

The features of your ecommerce website matters a lot more than any other things. They will be the factors that will directly affect the user experience and hence the usability and profitability of your website. So, when comparing the ecommerce platforms, you cannot miss the features.

Shopify app store

As far as shopify and BigCommerce are concerned, both of them are feature rich. The features and flexibility of these platform makes them ideal for any kind of shop. They’ll be as good for a small local shop as they are for a creating a big multipurpose shopping website.

Shopify comes with all the basic features for an ecommerce website making it simpler and avoiding complications. The app store of shopify however comes with a large number of useful apps that you can include into your shop to enhance the features of your website. So, you can add and use the apps you want. Having them all included in the platform may unnecessarily complicate the setup and make it confusing.

bigcommerce app store

BigCommerce too has the App store. But it has some more advanced features already included into it. So, you will be able to use them right away. Bigcommerce app store includes some optional as well as ultra-advanced applications that you can use if you’re interested.

Comparing the Pricing

BigCommerce and Shopify ecommerce platforms are nearly the same. They are both good at providing features and services. Both of them come with an efficient support service and an app and theme store. Both of these platforms have a clearly defines their pricing plans.

The very basic plan of Shopify begins at $29 while that of BigCommerce starts with $29.95. The basic plans will let you start with a fundamental shop with all the basic features to upload your products and to sell them online.

Shopify Pricing
shopify pricing

BigCommerce pricing
Bigcommerce pricing

The enterprise plan will provide you the facilities tailored for your business and the charges will depend solely on what you want.

Shopify charges transaction processing charges for the payment processors other than Shopify payments. So, there’s nothing wrong with using the Shopify payments to accept the payments without paying the transaction charges.

However, BigCommerce doesn’t charge you with the transaction fees. No matter what payment processor you use, there won’t be any processing fee charged by BigCommerce.


The process of creating an ecommerce website is long and not easy. Even if you are skilled programmer, at one point or the other, you’ll feel that you need expert’s help. Both of our subjects know that technical support is one of the important  parts of the service they provide.

Shopify and BigCommerce both provide 24×7 and efficient support. They can be reached anytime. So, if your ever get struck while creating your website, help is just around the corner.

Who wins on the Shopify Vs BigCommerce

Considering the features and many other points, Shopify and BigCommerce closely compete each other. The pricing, support and features are all very similar to each other. With minor differences Shopify leads. However, BigCommerce is also one of the best ecommerce platforms. It can also help you create amazing ecommerce websites

Shopify has more customers than BigCommerce. They provide better themes than BigCommerce and has one of the best experts support. Whereas, BigCommerce provides you more features out of the box. BigCommerce caps the yearly sales amount and if it reaches a certain limitation, you will need to upgrade to a higher plan. There’s no such threshold when it comes to Shopify.


Choosing from the two best ecommerce platforms who so closely compete with each other is very difficult. You need to be very careful while you decide this. There are many other factors that you will need to consider while going for an ecommerce platform. The good thing is  – Both of these platforms allow you free trails to test their platform. I highly recommend you to try these platforms before you actually go for any of them. Try it for yourself and find out what makes you feel more comfortable.

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