How good is Shopify To Create Your Ecommerce website

Planning to create an eCommerce website? There are many options for creating great eCommerce websites. And this is exactly where you get confused.

Today eCommerce software has made it possible for every person to create and manage their own website. Currently, there are abundant eCommerce platforms that you can choose from to create your online shop. These platforms so closely compete with each other that it is nearly impossible to declare the best from among them.

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Shopify is, however, one of the most popular and widely used eCommerce platforms. With convenient and affordable pricing plans and incredible features, Shopify lets you create the website of your dreams. However, each and every eCommerce platform for creating online shop has the features and specialty of their own. In this article, we will talk about Shopify, everything about Shopify.

Shopify is great for novices

Shopify is feature rich and this may mislead you to think that the setup and use would be hard. But it is not so. Shopify literally needs no technical knowledge. A completely new person, with very little or no technical knowledge, can use this eCommerce website builder to create an online shop of their own.

If you need any help, you have the beautifully documented setup guides. Still facing problems? The 24X7 support from Shopify comes to rescue. Along with the Shopify eCommerce platform, you also get access to their documentation and forums. The professional and quick help from this support service will help you solve your problems.

Shopify is for independent sellers to create their eCommerce websites and start selling online. It comes with easy options to setup the website and sells online. Along with that, the options to manage inventory, control the transaction, and process orders are easy too.

To set how your website looks, you can choose from the available themes. Moreover, the customization wizard lets you use intuitive options to change the look and feel of your site.

Shopify works well with most of the payment gateways

So, when you want to create your website using such tool, Shopify is obviously one of the best options. Shopify owns this position for many reasons. One of them is the flexibility. This flexibility is in the sense of payment methods also. Shopify gives you many possibilities when it comes to payment methods. Therefore, you can choose the payment gateway based on the location of your store and more precisely, the location of your targeted audience.

Shopify lets you choose the payment gateway based on the location. It supports more than 70 payment gateways to accept payments through your online store. Thereby, selling through your eCommerce website will be smoother than ever.

Check all the payment gateways supported by Shopify.

All in one Shopify

Shopify is one of the most popular and all-inclusive eCommerce platform. Event though it is designed for newbies and nontechnical people, it is feature packed. Shopify lets you set a full featured online shopping website with easy and flexible features.

Unlike WordPress, Shopify is not a CMS (even though it helps you manage the content). It is a complete eCommerce platform to let you create awesome eCommerce websites, effortlessly. It eliminates the requirement to learn programming to create your own eCommerce website.

Whether you are a technical expert or a non-techie, you can create your online shop on your own. No need to hire professional programmers or designers to create your website. The Shopify dashboard comes with the tools and techniques through which you can manage your website, without tweaking a line of code.

You can create an online shop for any type or number of products you want.

Whether you are a sole proprietor trying to sell your products of a particular type online or owner of a company that sells different products online. Shopify promises to serve everyone equally. For instance- If you are a creative fashion designer wishing to sell your creations online, you can use Shopify to create an online boutique. Or if you are a business owner and want to create an online shopping website that sells a wide range of products like electronics, kitchen appliances, mobile phones, etc. then too you can use Shopify and create your online supermarket.

With Shopify, you can sell physical as well as downloadable products. Therefore you can sell almost everything through your Shopify eCommerce website.

Shopify is secure

An eCommerce website involves lots of transactions.When taking your business online, the challenge is the security of your website. So you definitely need to worry about the safety of your website. Shopify provides you with that. It lets you create PCI compliant eCommerce websites, effortlessly.

When you use free and open source software to create your website, the responsibility of making your site secure lies in your hands. But with self-hosted platforms like Shopify, you don’t have to worry about them.

The security experts at Shopify ensures that your website is secure and all the transactions are safely processes. They make sure that all your user details and transactions are safe and secure. Therefore, you won’t have to spend extra on the security of your site. So when you are using Shopify for creating your online shop, you have assured safety. The experts at Shopify will take care of the security of your website.

Create a Performance oriented e-store with Shopify

In today’s world, no one likes waiting. So your website should offer faster performance and load the products faster. Performance includes the quality and speed. Shopify withstands the terms of both the aspects.

The only thing that makes your customers stay on your site is the ease of use and efficiency of your website. And with Shopify, you can be assured of that. Generally, when you create an eCommerce website using open source software or CMS, the performance pf your site depends on the hosting service you choose. But Shopify helps you get rid of such dependencies. No need to spend time choosing the hosting service. Just create an account and start with your shop instantly.

Try Shopify for yourself

Shopify has some affordable pricing plans that will fit all your business needs. The eCommerce experts are all praise about Shopify. But you don’t have to trust anyone, you can try Shopify for yourself. You can subscribe for a 14 day trial for this platform and experience it yourself. 14 days are enough to thoroughly experience and make judgments regarding the platform.

To try Shopify, you just have to sign up and start creating your eCommerce shop. You can try different options and decide if you want to continue your site at Shopify.

The 14 day Shopify trial implies that you can use this platform for free until 14 days and when the trial period expires. oAfter the end f that duration, you can choose a Shopify package to continue using their services. You can choose the plan that suits you the best and continue your shop.

Shopify is well supported

Shopify is backed by a dedicated team for 24×7 technical support of the users. When creating a website, you’ll need them at some point. Setting up a store is not a child’s play and when you try to do it all by yourself, there are chances you mess things up. But not with Shopify.

Shopify ensures quick, accurate and unparalleled support for your website building. So, when using Shopify, you have someone to look back and ask questions. The support team will help you setup your store all along. Shopify provides 24×7 telephonic support, live chat, and email.

Besides, you can also use their detailed documentation to find out answers to your questions. The forums can also help you by providing access to the community discussions. Shopify is anyways easy to use, but if you ever face problem setting up or maintaining your eCommerce website, help is just around the corner.

Sell on Facebook through Shopify

With your shop online, there are more and more opportunities through which you can sell online. One of them is the opportunity to promote your products through Social networks.

Social networks are the easiest way to publicize anything. Facebook is one of the biggest social network platforms. Shopify allows an easier way to showcase your products on Facebook. Shopify provides you with the best way to display the products of your website on social networks. This way your products get more exposure.

You can create a Facebook sales channel and sell your products through Facebook. Know more about this.

Choose the design you like

There are lots of themes available at Shopify theme marketplace. You would obviously want your website to be interesting. This can be made possible if your website’s theme compliments its purpose. So, you have this “theme marketplace” from where you can get a theme that perfectly fits your requirement.

You can go for a free theme or choose a paid theme. The free themes are really good to start with. Or you can choose from the paid themes that can cost from $140 to $180. You can really get an elegant theme or a theme pertaining to your industry at a very affordable price. The availability of Shopify themes eliminates the requirement of hiring designers to get your eCommerce website created.

Visit the theme shop

Shopify app stores

To add features to your online shop, there’s a whole range of install-able apps for Shopify. Shopify app store lets you add features to your online store. Shopify app store is, in fact, a store of resources. Shopify is itself a feature rich platform.

But if you want to add more features to your eCommerce website, you can choose from the available options. There are more than 100 professional applications that you can integrate into your website and increase its capabilities.

With Shopify, the scope of your website remains in your hand. You can integrate more and more plugins to add new functionalities to your site. Or you can keep it simple without any additional integrations. It all depends on you.

Access the app store.

It is affordable and widely used

Shopify is one of the most successful eCommerce platforms. People tend to trust Shopify and prefer it more over the other platforms. There are many specialized features for Shopify that can enhance your eCommerce website. Moreover, this eCommerce tool is affordable. You get plenty of useful features for the price you pay.

Generally, when you go for free CMS or framework to create your website, you will have to look for the hosting, the security services, etc. Shopify is self-hosted. You won’t have to pay for hosting separately. Moreover, it is a platform developed for eCommerce websites, therefore it has a dedicated service in that terms.

This implies you have an affordable and efficient service with Shopify. For small to medium sized shops, you can go for Basic Shopify or Shopify. Whereas for large businesses you can go for Advanced Shopify. For enterprise level solution for large eCommerce merchants growing at a faster rate, you can go with Shopify plus. Therefore, you can choose the Shopify plan as per your requirements and start creating your website.

The bottom line

As mentioned earlier, Shopify is widely used. This eCommerce website building tool has been used by many brands for different purposes. You can surely try to get inspiration from these create websites. Click here to view website created with Shopify. 


Shopify is great for creating comprehensive and elegant eCommerce websites. It lets you create a website of your requirement. Shopify lets you create complex feature rich eCommerce store with lots of features. At the same time, you can create a basic eCommerce store with limited features and products. Shopify is, in short, everything you need for your prospect eCommerce shop.

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