Migrate to Shopify – Key points to take care of while you do

Migrating from one eCommerce platform to another is indeed a big decision. After all, an eCommerce website has so much of vital data. It gets even more complicated as you have to carry forward the orders and transactions from one platform to the another.

Basically, your eCommerce website contains a lot of vital data. There’s so much of data that you can’t afford to lose during the transit.

  • Transaction details for the order placed, fulfilled and to be fulfilled
  • User accounts on your website
  • Inventory details and correct data about the products on your website
  • All the order details to be processed, order completed, and order still to be looked after

Can you really afford to lose any of the information mentioned above? This information happens to be the most significant details of your site and you need them to be intact to continue serving your customers flawlessly.

With Shopify, and its great service as one of the most efficient eCommerce platforms, more and more shopkeepers are preferring to migrate to Shopify. But before you make the move, here are a key factors that your should consider.

Before you start, you should always take a backup

At times of crisis, the backups prove to be a lifesaver! You cannot risk it all when it comes to your successfully running eCommerce website. Therefore, before you begin, make sure that you have the latest and the full backup of your website. During the transfer of data, if for any reason the site crashes, this backup will come to your rescue.

The backups can be used to retrieve data in case of partial or full loss of data. Whether you go for a professional help to transfer your data or prefer a tool to Migrate from Magento to Shopify, backup is a must.

When using tools, choose wisely

With a large number of eCommerce shop owners already moving their store from Magento to Shopify plus, the are so many tools available to help you do so. There are certain tools that help you move data efficiently from your Magento website to Shopify, However, be sure that you choose the tool that is expert in doing so.

However, safely transferring your website data from one platform to another is a rather tricky job. You cannot expect it to be a cakewalk. So it is always a better option to choose

Seeking professional help is a good idea

I always recommend that instead of going for some tool to migrate your Magento shop to Shopify, you should always prefer professional services. There are many advantages of doing so.

Tools are nothing but programs that and programs cannot outperform the human brains that created them in the first place. Therefore, the choice is clear. If there comes a problem while transferring data, the professionals can work their way out. But in the case of a program doing that, it just stops the entire process. Or in worse cases, it can cause you data loss.

Besides this, if you are a busy business person, you can just outsource this data transfer process to an external firm. This can help you save time and ensure that your shop is successfully transferred to the new platform.

Ensure operational continuity of your shop

One of the most important things to take care of while you migrate to another eCommerce platform is to ensure the continuation of normal functions as soon as the transfer is complete.

When you transfer a fully functional eCommerce website from one platform to another, all the current orders to be fulfilled and the order history is to be transferred as well. Therefore, as soon as the data migration is complete, you will be able to carry on with the order processing and fulfillment without any further delay.

You must always remember that your services to your customers should not be affected by this platform switch.

Rethink about what you want

Changing your eCommerce platform is a big decision. There needs to be a lot of considerations before you make this decision.

Only transfer the platform if it is actually required. Try to list out all your requirements and choose a platform that fits the best.

Choosing an eCommerce website needs to be a one-time decision. You cannot change the platform for your eCommerce website again and again. therefore, take your time and choose a platform that is perfect for your website.

However, Shopify is a wise choice for any kind of eCommerce website

If you have decided to move your eCommerce website to Shopify, you don’t have to worry much. The following are a few good reasons to prefer Shopify.

  • Different plans for different requirements
  • Helps you create your eCommerce website quickly and effortlessly
  • Keeps your eCommerce website safe and secure
  • Functionality can be easily extended using Shopify apps
  • SEO friendly platform for your online selling website
  • Highly customisable platform to make your site look the way you want
  • Valid for selling physical as well as downloadable products
  • 24×7 expert support, through phone as well as email
  • Freedom to choose your payment gateway

Besides this, there are many advantages of using shopify for your online store.


Above mentioned were some of the key points that you need to consider when you decide to move your eCommerce website to Shopify or any such platform.

However, Shopify is one of the best platforms to create your eCommerce website. You’ll probably won’t need to leave Shopify, once you create an eCommerce website using it.