Boost Shopify Sales With Discounts on Your eCommerce Website

Creating an eCommerce website is simpler but maintaining it, does take some efforts. With the available platforms like Shopify, you don’t have to worry much about creating your eCommerce website even if you are not a technical expert, but that’s about building the site. What after once the site is built?

One of the easiest ways to bring more traffic and inspire your visitors to buy more is by providing a discount on your site. The following are the three best ways through which you can use the discount to inspire your potential buyers to buy more.

Discount coupons

Discount coupons are really common these days. Most of the eCommerce websites provide discount through discount coupons. However, the faster and easier way to create discount on your Shopify website is through Discount Direct.

Discount coupons are fun for your customers. Firstly, because they provide them with the assurance of saving something, secondly, because of the way they are applied. This kind of discount is applied directly as soon as the page is loaded. If you want to create product specific discount, Discount direct is ideal for you.

To use discount direct, you can just add in the URL, set the discount percentage and the duration for which the discount will be valid. All of this can be done with very simple steps.

The visitors who land on the page with the discount will be notified about the discount through a popup with the time left. The video below will give you a fine idea on how this discount will work.

Watch this video on how discount direct works.

  • Create discount URLs in minutes
  • Very easy to use
  • No limit on the number of discount URL you can create
  • Pop-up to display the discount to your visitors
  • A countdown timer to create urgency
  • Easily manage all the discounted URLs

Discount direct is clearly an easier way to provide the discount on your Shopify website. Moreover, it uses a timer to create a sense of urgency to instigate quick user action on the product page.

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Rule based discount

While shopping online, you may have come across offers like “30% off on purchase of $400 or more”, or “Free shipping on purchase of more than $800”, etc.

Volume discount is a way through which you can inspire buyers to buy more to avail a discount. It is a smart way through which you can convince your buyers to buy more and get more discount.

This kind of discount is solely based on what a buyer is buying. The discount is based on the nature and volume of purchase.

So, you can provide more discount to people who buy more. The simplest example of this is “5% discount for those who buy for more than $800” or “2% discount for those who buy two bags of tea(instead of one)”.

Apply your imagination and create irresistible discount offers for your buyers. This kind of discount proves to be beneficial for both the buyers as well as the sellers. You as a seller can inspire your visitors to buy more, and the buyers can buy more of what they want at a lower price.

Moreover, this plugin is really easy to use. All you need to use the simple interface to key in your rules and the applicable discount.

For instance – You want to provide your visitors with a 5% discount after 50% of your stock is sold.

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Re-engaging customers

Generally, the idea of a discount is applied to your potential customers. But the retentio app takes it to the next level by using the concept of discount for re-engaging customers who have finished shopping on your

This kind of strategy may sometimes work because at the check-out page the user is already ready to spend, already buying something. At this stage, if one is provided with a discount coupon, the buyer may want to use it. So when the purchase process is completed you can just present your visitors with a reason to come again to your website and shop more.

When the buyers are presented with a discount opportunity right when they are done shopping, it helps in following ways:

  1. They find a reason to shop more through your website
  2. It will be looked upon as a gesture of thankfulness
  3. The timer inspires them to make a purchase before the discount expires

However, the best thing about this plugin is that it is extremely easy to use. Not just for you as the admin of the website, but also for the visitors to redeem their discount. With just one click, they can redeem their discount and use it to shop further.

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Providing discount always work. In this article, you saw the different ways through which you can provide discounts to your visitors and motivate them to make a purchase on your eCommerce website.

The three plugins for providing a discount on your Shopify eCommerce website are really easy to use. Watch the videos and you will see how quick and easy they work. Also, they are flexible, all you need to do is plan well and implement your discount ideas through these plugins.