Best BigCommerce apps to enhance your ecommerce website

best bigcommerce apps

Ecommerce platforms are flexible and easy to use and are designed to aid the non-technical persons to create their online shop.

Most of the ecommerce platfoms come with the basic features included and for advanced features there’s an app store. This is a modular way to offer features. All the fundamental facilities are already included into the platform and the additional and optional features are offered as add-ons.

BigCommerce does the same. The platform can run flawlessly without any plugin but if you want to enhance the online shop, you can visit the app store and get appropriate app,

In stock notify

When the customers land on the product detail page of a product that is out of stock, you know that it is waste of opportunity for you. However,

This app works to notify the users when an item that went out of stock recently, comes back in stock. When a user accesses the product page of a product that is out of stock, he will be provided with a form. The user will be notified when the item comes back into stock, so that he can proceed to buy it.

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Sweet tooth loyalty points program

If you wish to run the loyalty points program into your website, this is the app for Big Commerce.

This app is easy to customize and use. You can just include it and start your own loyalty point programme for your customers. It’s always good to provide extra benefits to your loyal customers. All you need to do is to select the action for which you want to reward your customers. This app lets you choose from more than 10 of such profitable actions.

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Your customers will be able to access your store more conveniently if you provide an app for your ecommerce website (also it is possible via Wp eCommerce themes). This can be done using apptive. This add-on helps you deliver better results on mobile devices. So attract more customers and let them shop through your shopping app! Helps improving the user experience and convenient mobile checkout helps better conversions.

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There no denying that User generated content plays an important role in your website. Yotpo focuses on It contributes positively for your SEO. Yotpo is a reviews app to allow the customers to leave reviews and comments on your BigCommerce product pages.

This mobile friendly reviews tools helps you generate UGC and

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optimizely is a testing tool. When you want to decide the best method to implement for improved sales and performance of your ecommerce website, you can use this split testing tool to find out which method works best.

This tool works in the simplest way, It will show two different version designed by you to the customers and let you track the performance to find out which version converts better. It comes with an automatic goal tracking mechanism too!

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Justuno is a plugin with combination of features that aim to improve the profitability of your website by increasing conversion of the traffic that your website has. It works on four main grounds – increased social sharing, increase email subscriptions, and reduce the abundant carts.

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Zompim is a simple and straightforward tool to track the users that are currently viewing your website and the products they are viewing. This is the best tool if you want to integrate the feature of live chat into your website.

The live chat box will be customizable so that you can change its color according to the design requirement of your website.

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klaviyo is an email marketing tool that you can use to communicate well with your existing customers. It is a system through which you can send post purchase emails, loyalty appreciation emails, and targeted mails for a specific segment of customers.


You know how important it is to take care of your customer’s choices, don’t you? Therefore this is Searchspring, it monitors users behavior and searches and estimates the best products. This plugin does everything to help the customers find the most relevant products on your website. You will be able to provide custom filtered searches.

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Using different platforms for selling your products is a great way to maximize the sales. However, managing the inventory and syncing the sales on various platform can be extremely difficult. Sellbrite can help you here.

Sellbrite lets you sell your BigCommerce products on multiple sales channel. It enables you to list your products on websites like eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, Newegg, Sears and Etsy. It is simple and very easy to use. So, you can sell your products on more than one sales platform. You can even update your BigCommerce website with new products from your Sellbrite inventory.

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TrueShip helps you manage the fulfillment once the orders are placed. It is a shipping management system that integrates with your BigCommerce shop and all your shipping carriers. It induces manageability and flexibility in your shipping procedure. You will be able to print a perfect invoice including the shipping information.

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Social rebate

Social media is one of the best platform to promote your ecommerce shop. How good it would be if all your customers recommend your products to their friends on social media. This plugin encourages your customers to do so and earn some exclusive discount!

Social rebate is a great tool for getting your customers to promote your products. You can make your customers share your store and products with their social circles and let them earn discount on their purchases. With all the settings options available you can set up the number of clicks needed to earn the cash discount, the rebate amount, etc.

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Be careful while you add features into your website. You can use these apps and augment your simple ecommerce store. Some of the apps are free and some are premium apps. However, excessive use of apps may just make your website more complex than required. And a combination of right apps may just boost the usability of your website to a whole new level. So its all about the choices you make. The right ecommerce platform, a suitable design and the combination of the apps to magnify your website.