10 best shopify apps to enhance your ecommerce website in 2020

best shopify apps

Shopify is one of the leading ecommerce platform to create your ecommerce website effortlessly. It is enough to let you create a fully fledged website to sell your digital/physical products. But if you want to add more features to create a more appealing website, you can use the free/paid apps available with shopify.

If you are a shopify user, the following are the apps that you can use to make your website more appealing to the customers.

SEO image optimizer

As the name says it all, this wonderful and free plugin optimizes the images on your website and adds alt tags to it. This helps in better SEO results. This way the images added to your website will be optimized to be visible and rank well.

Being an ecommerce website, your shop will have numerous images. Using these images to get visibility will substantially help the SEO of your website. Optimising each image when a single product may have multiple images will need lot of time and resource.  So, this app is like an opportunity served in plate. Not worth missing!!

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Yotpo for reviews and comments

Comments and reviews are important  for your website in two ways – The first and direct benefit will be the customer’s confidence. The reviews and ratings will help you convert better and secondly, the User generated content. With comments and reviews your website will stay updated with fresh and unique content, which is very good for SEO.

This plugin is very easy to install and use. It is a great way to accumulate UGC and win the customers and drive them for a better conversion.

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Lucky orange for analysis and statistics

Lucky orange is there for you to boost your sales. If you want to optimise your website and win the leaving customers, the lucky orange app is for you. Lucky orange records the visitors interaction with your website and lets you find out where you need to work and what are the things that stop the visitor from making a purchase. it generates heat-maps, conducts customer polls, and also comes with a feature rich chat system.

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Returns manager for obviously, managing returns

This app manages product returns. So, when a customer requests to return the products purchased from your website, this app will take the action and perform the management according to the configurations. With this app you can allow the customers to request refund even if they don’t own an account on your shop.

So, once you configure this app, it will do the returns management for you (that is quite troublesome when doing manually).

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StoreYa for facebook selling

Expose your shop and products to a wider range of audience by displaying your products on Facebook. If you are a Shopify owner, here is one of the best apps for doing it. Download and install this app to enable Facebook selling for your products.

Storeya will not only auto-update your best products to your Facebook shop but also retrieve the statistics from the Facebook store.  Creating your Facebook will only take a few very easy steps.

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McAfee secure for security


McAfee is one of the remarkable name in the field of online security. Make your website secure with this app. It is easy to install and use. It will show the trustmark to  tell your users that your website is safe. Scans the website for viruses and malware and protects it against them. This will improve the credibility of your website.

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Plugin SEO

This is an app to help you with the overall SEO of your website. Depending on the plan you choose, Shopify already provides you with some SEO options but if you want some more of it, you should go for this app. This plugin partially automates the SEO and gives you reports on the status of your website. It performs regular checks to keep you updated about the current situation.

It’s always good to pay some extra attention for SEO and therefore this plugin makes it to this list.

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Nosto for recommending products

The theme of this app is to treat each customer uniquely and provide  them with the results targeted for him. It uses some algorithms and methods that real-time studies the pattern of the user behaviour. Based on the choice one makes and other behavioural traits, this app will show a list of recommended products.

Use this app to add a tint of personalization to your website. Imagine all the things you can achieve when your users start loving your website because it comes up with just what they need!

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Loyalty points by bold

Many online shops provide the scheme of loyalty points to their regular or returning customer. If you wish to include this feature in your website, it is made easy using the Loyalty point app. This app is easy to use and has a straightforward concept. Your customers will earn loyalty points on making a purchase and with that points they will be able to buy products.

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Shoppad for mobile experience

This is an app that you should use when you want your visitors to have a wonderful shopping experience even on mobile devices. You shopify website is going to be responsive, obviously! But there’s something more you can add to it.

This app is easy  to install and use and needs no efforts to configure. It is simple and helps you sell better through a wonderful mobile view.

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When you are stepping into the e-commerce business you need to be aware that there’s going to be an intense competition. In order to keep going you need to make sure that you keep your website updated with the latest services. There’s no chance for you if you stick to the conventional ways. This list has all the shopify apps that you should install and use for your website to enhance it, make it more usable and revitalise the sales.

Post in your suggestions, experience and reviews. We’d love to hear from you!!